David (EP)

Produced by Dameadelphia



Directed by Chris White

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About the EP

Graduating from wild-eyed hunger, AIME trades a distended belly for the fire in his gut on DAVID -- a one-off project that condenses his given name down to the only mononym that could reiterate the might of his delivery, which was first cemented with the release of the Book of David micro-album.  

The arc of AIME’s 808-heavy DAVID is derived from currency and the role it plays in his life, music and environment.  AIME raps with urgency and absolute confidence, taking calculated risks across the tape.  He contemplates his place in the world and individual buying power as easily as he exposes character flaws and indulges turn-up culture against production from Dameadelphia and Eric Boss. Singer/saxophonist Max Swan is the lone feature on the DAVID EP, which was built upon an intricate framework of cleverly chopped samples from AIME’s preceding release.  

While DAVID is a singular project with a noticeably harder edge and a more self-assured AIME at the wheel, it is constructed - like many religious texts - to send listeners back to the good book for context.  DAVID suggests that AIME is building a formidable body of work, where one project cannot exist without the others.  More importantly, however, none of them exist without AIME.


Book of David

by Aime

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Named for a diminutive biblical hero, AIME lends a gigantic presence to the mix as the author and lead orator of The Book of David, a rap epic that spans three chapters and boasts production from Dameadelphia, the mad scientist behind Tiny Room for Elephants and standout productions for The Roots.  

Derived from a drunken post-birthday rant about AIME’s lingering fear of failure and Jay Z’s seminal Reasonable Doubt era, the eponymous series of forthcoming projects from the Queens-bred, Philly based MC strips the formality of rap titles, filler tracks and posturing from the equation to dish up a rhythmic dose of realism. 

Couched in the ubiquitous struggle that plagues most millennials and fuels the “turn-up” culture that keeps them raging into the wee hours of the morning, The Book of David is a crystalline ode to the quarter life crisis that necessarily deals with the “shit or get off the pot” urgency in the maturation of an MC doing it without a major label deal.


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